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The Pres
Registration Increase
Date: Feb 26, 2011 1:36:34 PM PST
Author: The Pres

We need YOUR help. (YOU need YOUR help) It dont sound good right now boys. I just moments ago spoke directly with Mike Heller, the lobbyist hired by ISSA to promote ISSA interests in the Iowa legislature. He says the best thing we can do NOW is contact our legislators THIS WEEKEND and encourage them to help this thru the House and Senate. Many of you have the same legislators as me here in Waverly.
That being: State Senator Bill Dix cell phone 319 269 3664
State Representative Pat Grassley. cell phone 319 269 6829
Simply tell them that you personaly want their help to move House Study Bill 76 and Senate File 192 thru the channels.
(The bill that would raise the state snowmobile registration fee from 15 to 30 dollars yearly.)
You can go to this website, type in YOUR 9 digit zip code and verify these are the correct people for you if needed.
These legislators also need to be contacted besides your own.
Kraig Paulson 515 281 3521
Linda Upmeyer 641 923 3398
Steven Lukan 563 921 3725

My own suggestion is to ask them not to think of this as a tax increase (we dont and the general voteing public should not either), but to view it as the " snowmobile community wanting to pay their own way" We are not asking for a dime from anyone who is not a snowmobiler nor are we taking any money away from another interest!
Please try to find time THIS WEEKEND to call, e-mail, or better yet both, to you own legislators and ask for their help.If we dont this is gonna be dead and gone!!!!
Denny Koehler, President , Bremer County Sno-Knights


The Pres
Date: Feb 26, 2011 4:54:24 PM PST
Author: The Pres

Sorry,, Kraig Paulson should be Paulsen, e instead of the o


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