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Laws Effective July 1, 2012
Date: Dec 21, 2012 10:45:35 AM PST
Author: Mav5

NEW IOWA SNOWMOBILE LAWS took effect this year that are important for people to know.

REGISTRATION/IDNR USER PERMIT REQUIRED FOR ALL SNOWMOBILES Starting July 1, all snowmobiles must display valid proof of registration as well as an IDNR user permit to operate on public land, public ice, and designated riding areas and trails. $15 registration, $15 user permit. This $15 (plus administrative and writing fees) IDNR User Permit was requested by stakeholder organizations. The money will be used to improve and expand trails and riding opportunities.
PROOF OF INSURANCE REQUIREMENT OHV operators must carry proof of insurance coverage when operating in a highway. Note that “highway” is legally defined as the area fence-line to fence-line; this will have a significant impact on snowmobilers in particular. Previously, OHVs were exempt; now only certain OHVs used for agricultural purposes are exempt from this requirement. Please see Iowa Code § 321.20B for more details. These things will be strictly enforced by the IDNR. Fines will be heavy if caught without proof of insurance.

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